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The content of the film is brilliant ... and technically it is well accomplished. It was overwhelmingly persuasive.


- Elisabeth Mizon, writer and film-maker




This is a solid, thought provoking documentary covering a relevant economic topic in-depth. The question of capitalism’s grip on the modern world is highly relevant today and the film questions if we should be pushing for a democratic cooperative way of doing business, showing case studies of businesses who are surviving as democracies within a capitalist system.


- SPOT Festival, Aarhus




Can We Do It Ourselves? does an excellent job of articulating not just what economic democracy is, but also what it is not.


- Dr. Anna Bergren Miller,




Can We Do It Ourselves calls into question the fact that democracy prevails in

so many models of world politics, yet not in economic spheres. By examining the key differences between market, capitalist and democratic economies, the filmmakers are able to present the many perceived benefits of empowering the working class and re-calibrating the scales of corporate influence.






Sevärd + gratis.


- Liv Strömqvist, serietecknare




The contrast between the cynicism and underlying hostility of the defender of the current faith and the genuine humanity of the workers interviewed, discovering for themselves new aspects of being human, was wonderful.


- Dr. David Erdal, author




Among other achievements, Can We Do It Ourselves?: A Film About Economic Democracy (2015) does a superb job of depicting classic misunderstandings of both the labor left and the corporate right toward the idea of economic democracy. It does not preach. It does not contend with the critics. It just lets them talk.


- Dr. Christopher Mackin, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations